‘What would happen if…..”

* The following thoughts where inspired by a blog post written by Seth Godin.  You can find that post here.


what would happen…

if we chose to:

Find more 5 minutes for our player(s)

Give more “high fives”

Ask sincere questions

Listen with intent

Learn something new about our player(s) each day

Laugh and smile, just a little bit more

“Ask why”

“All of these are choices…”

As coaches and/or parents, there are many things that are out of our control.

The way the ball bounces, an injury, the administration, etc.

We are better off choosing to focus on the controllables, and we will quickly realize that it is more impactful to be under-control of ourselves, than to be in control of external events (and others).

The power of CHOICE.


Thank you Seth.