Episode 00: Welcome to The Baseball Drive

Whats up everyone, I’m Tim Banos, and I want to thank you for checking out The Baseball Drive. Each week, I will bring you a discussion with some of the most inspiring baseball minds of today. Each interview will be designed to bring you value, whether you are a coach, parent, or even a player. This show has one agenda – to grow the great game of baseball by helping to ensure that its players have positive experiences.

Each episode will start with a brief origin story called “The Back of the Baseball Card.” This is not a show where we discuss the guests career, it is a show to determine how our guest can help us impact our players’ careers. By me reading their brief history, we give our coach the recognition that they have earned, while allowing us to utilize our time spent together more effectively.

Upon introduction to our guest, I will immediately ask them, What is the last thing that you have learned? Start with something last, first. This segment is designed to give us instant value in learning what that particular baseball mind has on their mind, and what has them fired up to go out and change the game. We will eliminate the small talk and get to actionable information, something we can take away, RIGHT AWAY!

Our next segment, which will be the most lengthy portion of the show, will be the part of the show where we dive deep into the current trends of the game. For each episode, we will have already decided on a topic with our guest, and we will explore this topic or issue at length. The goal here is to tackle the BIG concepts and issues surrounding the game, and its players. Here at The Baseball Drive, we believe the growth of the game is just as important as the growth of the individual player. We also know that there is no one way to swing a bat, no one way to throw a ball, and no one way to manage a game, and we will respect and debate those differences.

Lastly, we have “The Five that Drive” round at the end of the show. This is the segment where we get to pick the brain of our guest, and dig a little deeper into what makes them tick.

Here are some of the questions:

  1. BEST PIECE OF ADVICE: Could you provide one piece of advice for coach or parent out there that is trying to instill a winning attitude in their program or player?
  2. BUILD A PLAYER: Can you identify one of the most important attributes of a successful player? Can you name a player that is a great example of this?
  3. GREATEST INFLUENCE: The best coaches take from guys who do it well, can you name a coach that has had the greatest influence on you and what did they share with you?
  4. MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT ON THE FIELD: What is your most memorable moment as a coach or player?
  5. SHARE A RESOURCE for the students of the game out there (equipment, book,)

Thank you again for taking the time to check out the new show. If you find value in this podcast and the mission of TheBaseballDrive.com, then we hope you can hit the subscribe button below, and give the show a review. This type of support will allow us to get the recognition that it needs to reach as many people as possible. In turn, I will continue to work hard on improving the show and bringing you the best baseball minds available.

See you out there!