Jim Wladyka is a professional pitching coach that works with hundreds of pitchers each year. In The Pitching Coach Podcast, Jim guides us through his pitching program and explores how to build elite pitchers and keep them healthy, both physically and mentally.


Here are some of the topics you can expect Jim to cover on The Pitching Coach Podcast.

  1. Session 1: How to Engage a Pitcher’s Lower Half (Part 1) (Part 2)
  2. Proper Way to Get and Keep Your Arm in Shape
  3. The Importance of Drill Work and Long Toss
  4. When and How to Add Pitches to the Repertoire
  5. How to Throw a Plus Breaking Ball
  6. Why Visual Perception is Key to Preparing Pitchers
  7. Arm Care – Post-throwing and Pre-Throwing
  8. Proper Weight Training and Conditioning, and How it Differs Throughout the Season

Jim will also share with you some of unique things that they do that prepares pitchers for competition such as simulating day and night games, preparing for a far backstop or close backstops, and so much more.

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