EP.19 Phil Cundari (Seton Hall U.) on To Be an Athlete Is to Be a Performer

On this episode, Phil shares what it takes to build a successful staff in the Northeast.  Phil also discusses how important is to get our best athletes on the mound, and how to go about supporting them as they learn the position. In addition, Coach Cundari details the parallels between an athlete, and an actor, […]

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EP.18 Scott Bradley (Princeton U.) on Being Willing to Lose Today in Order to Win Tomorrow

On this episode, Scott shares his philosophies on player development and discusses some of the approaches that are prohibiting our players from truly meeting their potential.  He gives you practical advice for managing games and designing practice plans that will promote individualized player development. Scott also provides advice on how to raise quality ballplayers, detailing […]

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Karl Kuhn

EP:17 Karl Kuhn (U of Virginia) on Being In It with Your Players

On this episode, Karl Kuhn discusses the importance of being an authentic and consistent communicator. Karl walks us through his world-renowned mound visits by detailing how he structures each meeting, and he even shares a quick story about one of the mound visits he had in the College World Series.  In addition, Karl explains additional […]

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Scott Brown

EP:16 Scott Brown (Vanderbilt U) on Paying Attention to What Matters Most

On this episode, Coach Brown reveals his keys to being a successful coach and player no matter the level of play. He discusses the importance of staying in the moment, and how important it is to always be in search of new resources.  In addition, if you are interested in talking pitching, Scott shares the […]

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EP:15 Ed Blankmeyer (St. John’s U.) on Raising a Ball Player: Reflections of a Baseball Coach

On this episode, we discuss the dynamic between players, coaches, and parents, and dive deep into his experiences of raising a ball player.  Coach Blankmeyer shares strategies for how to successfully coach your own kid, and how he set parameters and also his process for making it a family decision. In addition, Coach Blankmeyer shares […]

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