EP.20 Nick Mingione (U. of Kentucky) on Building Your House

On this episode, Mingione shares the process that coaches go through in order to develop a complete program.  Nick emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with a great staff, spending time with your players, and developing them both on and off the field as well.  And when Coach talks about development, he lists them in the order of importance: student, person, and a player.  Also, Nick explains the role honesty plays in his program, and gives us a peek into how he develops athletes, most specifically, his hitters, and we talk bunting too.


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Nick Mangione is the Head Coach of the University of Kentucky Wildcats.  Coach Mingione took over the reins in 2016 after serving as an assistant at Mississippi State for the last eight seasons.

While at Miss. State, Mingione worked with the team’s outfielders, 1st basemen, and hitters, and served in the crucial role of Recruiting Coordinator.

In his time working for John Cohen a Miss. State, the program was able to capture a SEC regular-season championship, a runner up finish in the 2013 College World Series, and the coveted SEC Tournament Championship in 2012.

Prior to Mississippi State, Nick spent two seasons at Kentucky, winning 33 conference games in two seasons, including a 2006 SEC Championship.

Nick has a earned the reputation as an elite recruiter, and he has an unmatched track record in player development. For three years in a row, from 2013 – 2015 Mingione help build a top-three ranked recruiting class. And as far as player development goes, Nick has mentored 64 players that were selected in the MLB Draft, as well as 36 All-Americans, and 5 conference players of the year.

Nick also made successful coaching stops at Western Carolina, Embry-Riddle University which is his alma-mater, and Florida Gulf Coast, while also getting his start by returning to coach at his high school, Mariner HS.

Lastly, Nick is a Hall of Fame speaker, literally.  In 2013, he was inducted into the “Be The Best You Are” Baseball Clinic.  I was actually in the building for that ceremony, and I was fortunate to attend his bunting session, which to this day is still the very best presentation of any sort that I have ever personally experienced. All you need to know is that he was able to combine the late comedian Chris Farley and bunting into the same presentation. LEGIT

I want to thank Jim Belanger, UK Pitching coach for connecting us with Nick, def sent him a fist bump emoji for the assist, much appreciated!

And I appreciate you, thank you for taking the time to listen to Nick Mingione on this episode of The Baseball Drive Podcast.