Just trust . . .

Have you ever had someone stare over you while you try to type?  I don’t know about you, but when my co-workers or students have me on the spot and I need to type something up in front of them, I immediately begin to mess up, stroking the wrong keys more often than usual.

Or what about your boss, listening in on your sales call or hovering over you while you complete that presentation or fix that car?

Or how about the athletic director that sits next to your dugout or better yet, on your bench?

Pretty uncomfortable right? And they are probably even experts in your field.

Now change that mental image to your son (or player), yelling out instruction on how to manage those players, on how to seal that deal, or on how to create that presentation.

“Hey Dad, that isn’t the way to hold that wrench! What are you doing?!”

Probably pretty distracting, possibly even annoying, you might even want to say –

Easy, I got this!

Or maybe even –

Leave me alone! (or worse)

Well this is how our players feel when parents or even coaches for that matter hover over their every movement on the field, or yell out (bad) instruction from the sideline.

When the game starts, if you are a coach, COACH! But also trust what you have taught them during practice.

And when the game starts, if you are a parent, CHEER!, and trust that your parenting and the coach’s tutelage will get them through the game.

Just trust.